What is X-bird?

X Bird is a coin created to realize "Elon Musk's vision of creating a social networking service linked to the blockchain" on the world's most popular social networking service.

Revolutionizing social networking Mr. Musk described the acquisition of Twitter when it was completed. Twitter is also known for its blue bird icon. The Twitter icon is said to signify "freedom, hope, and unlimited possibilities.

He is changing this icon that everyone is familiar with to his own branded X, This is a sign of Elon Musk's strong will.

X Bird is a new way to bring smiles to people's faces, more freedom, more hope, and endless possibilities that we can't even imagine by being used in the world's first blockchain-linked social network. It is also an open source cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology, a network of computers called nodes.

It is a highly secure, decentralized system that stores information as a public ledger maintained by a network of computers called nodes. x Bird's goal is to enable everyone to acquire and participate in these tokens, thereby joining the world of digital currencies.

Users of the X Bird ecosystem have access to a wide range of platforms to find turnkey solutions for their financial and blockchain-related needs. The X Bird ecosystem eliminates the need for clients to search for alternative or dedicated platforms for normal operations.

It is a currency that is highly used by people while always staying true to its origins of being the most fun cryptocurrency for people. In essence, X Bird coins are convenient, friendly, and reliable.

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